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    Domestic Violence Ruins Families

    The Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy is here to help handle your family court matters.   Whether it is filing for divorce, needing representation in a divorce, child custody issues, protective and no contact orders or anything else, we are here to help you through the Family Court process.

    Attorney Stefanie A. Murphy and her staff can help you through this difficult time.   We pride our selves in getting divorces completed in a timely manner and being cost effective.  RI divorce lawyer, Stefanie A. Murphy, can help you with your Family Court case.

    You need an experienced RI divorce lawyer and the professionals at Stefanie A. Murphy Law.

    We offer free consultation for those who are looking to hire a family court attorney so you can understand your options.

    If you have been charged with a domestic crime, we can also help.  We are experts on all aspects of Rhode Island’s domestic violence laws and we will bring that experience to your case to protect your rights.

    Many family court cases and domestic cases involves restraining orders or no contact orders.   Our office can help you get an order, remove an order or modify an order.  We are happy to speak to you about all your options.

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    From the Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy, LLC, in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, Stefanie A. Murphy aggressively defends clients throughout the state who have been charged with criminal offenses. She is admitted to practice in Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut, as well as before the U.S. District Court for the District of Rhode Island, the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts and the U.S. District Court for the District of Connecticut.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Family Court

    Once the paperwork is filed, the court clerk will assign a court date.   If the divorce case is resolved, meaning that both sides have reached an agreement, then you can get divorced on the first court date.

    After the divorce hearing, you must wait 90 days to file and have the court enter the final judgement.

    The first step in filing for a divorce is to gather all the paperwork that is needed.  In order to file in Rhode Island, you will need to prepare a cover sheet, complaint, summons, statement listing children, and DR-6.   You will also need a copy of your marriage certificate and pay the filing fee.

    The Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy can help go over all the paperwork, help fill out the forms, gather everything needed and file the paperwork for you.

    After the divorce is filed, your spouse will need to get served.

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    At the time of your arrest, you will be given a court date and also a copy of a no-contact order.  The no-contact order is exactly that, you cannot contact that person in any way. If you do, you will be subject to a new charge and bail can be revoked…read more
    Verbal abuse is considered domestic violence but it all depends on what was said in order to determine if the abuse is a crime. Many times verbal abuse is a ground for one person to get a restraining order on the other person.. Read More
    There are many types of domestic relationships. Some but not all qualify in Rhode Island as being a domestic relationship. Examples of these relationships are: Parents, siblings, wives, husbands, siblings, children, anyone who lives in the same household as you which can include roommates… Read More
    Penalties for domestic violence offenses depends on what the offense is. For example, misdemeanors carry up to one year in jail maximum sentence while felonies can significant jail time especially for repeat offenders. There more serious the offense the harsher the penalties…read more
    Police will investigate the incident the same way they investigate all calls. Police will respond to the scene or ask you to come in to make a statement.  At that point, the police will decide what to do with the information. Police should speak to both sides and any witnesses who were present. If there is a domestic disturbance of any sort and police arrive on the scene, one or more people may be arrested…read more
    You can always file a police report and depending on what the accusation is then the police will look at the statue of limitation to determine whether or not a person can get charged with a crime…read more

    Need a family court attorney. Call Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy today. RI divorce lawyer At the Law Offices of Stefanie A. Murphy, our attorneys can help fight and resolve your family court matters.